ProHealth Practitioners

Melanie Schurr, R.M.T.

Melanie moved from Germany to Canada in 2017. Back home in Germany, she studied Sports Science, Physiotherapy and Manual Therapy, and worked as a Physiotherapist for four years in Munich.

Melanie’s patients especially appreciate her empathy, her way of listening, her manual treatment skills, and creative exercise prescriptions.

Melanie is enthusiastic about the therapeutic work with all its many different facets. She is happy to be a source of education and information for you to help you understand your body better. She provides effective massage therapy so you can see improvement faster. Melanie loves to play a role in your recovery process whether you’re dealing with chronic pain or whether you’ve had a recent injury. She loves to see people enjoy their treatment sessions, get better, become more mobile, relaxed and pain-free — that’s what this wonderful job is all about!

Besides her passion for the masterpiece which is the “human body,” her interests are widely spread. Melanie actively plays soccer and loves to discover what her new home has to offer, be it local trails, scenic regions in BC, or new tasty food options. As a parent to twin girls, she also is used to the hustle and bustle of family life.