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ProHealth Practitioners

Melanie Schurr

Melanie is a soon-to-be-R.M.T. who moved from Germany to Canada in 2017. Back home in Germany, she studied Sports Science, Physiotherapy and Manual Therapy. Her passion is to study the masterpiece “human body,” to continually learn and bring her knowledge into practice so it can benefit her patients.

She worked as a Physiotherapist for four years in Munich, Germany. Melanie’s patients especially appreciated her empathy, her way of listening, her manual treatment skills, and creative exercise prescription.

Melanie is looking forward to working soon again in the therapeutic field, to be a source of education and information for you, and to provide effective massage therapy so you can feel better sooner. Playing a role in the recovery process after an injury or during chronic pain, and witnessing people enjoy their treatments and recover, become more mobile, relaxed and pain-free—that’s what this wonderful job is all about!

Until she is registered (July/August 2020) – Melanie offers massage treatments for relaxation and well-being.